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12/12/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— Mother worries about son struggling with math.
— Your inner being only loves.
— Can people sense when I am on the high-flying disc?
— Feeling as good as you can feel is what you’re always reaching for.
— There will always be new opportunities to find your balance.
— I want to help my loved ones when they complain.
— What are we coming to as a people?
— What affirmations should I use?
— What is the reason for compulsive picking?
— How to clear patterns using the emotional scale?
— What to do after my creation box fills up?
— I’m 50 and want to get married.
— What is thought?
— Instead of breaking up, we just stopped talking.
— Why do politicians go round and round?
— I can’t seem to walk away from uncomfortable conversations with co-workers.
— There is room for everyone.
If animals are so in alignment, why do they get sick?
— I want to meet someone who “gets” me.
— Do our transitioned friends still have interest in us?
— Is my inner-being always in agreement with Abraham?
— You haven’t accepted the worthiness of you.
— What is the energy that creates worlds?
— What are you doing right now?