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10/3/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— What is the purpose or value of prayer?
— Are there signs showing my alignment?
— Difference between love and physical attraction?
— How can I direct my thoughts to a good feeling place while tending to the concerns of others?
— All I ever wanted from my mom was for her to be there for me.
— A conversation about medication and stability.
— Is asking for material things ok?
— Why, out of nowhere, do I get a feeling of fear?
— Does it help to actively share your creative intentions with people you resonate with?
— Make more decisions in every day, but only if you are feeling good.
— Why do I stand in a place of confusion and inadequacy?
— Should we not talk about challenging negative things in our life?
— Have we collectively created this pandemic?
— Taking the guy out of the equation.
— Do our dreams come to us right before we awaken?
— How can I avoid falling into depression?
— Do animals choose humans like babies?
— If a desire is strong will it manifest?
— As I become more awakened, my circle of friends dwindles.
— I feel trapped in an endless cycle of work.
— Are we more “stuck” on some subjects?
— Why do we resist doing things we know will make us feel better?