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5/20/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Meditation and worry.
– I want to lean into my personal Leading Edge.
– Allowing the lifestyle I want in retirement.
– Am I trying to be the Law of Attraction?
– Existing, simple matches.
– Feeling inadequate about my non-traditional life.
– New expectations about my future.
– Looking for alignment after my partner left.
– Epiphany in going general.
– Noticing action without thought.
– Was in a good place, but now I can’t find stable ground.
– Does emotional level directly correlate to speed of manifestation?
– Looking for the sweet spot.
– My son says I’m unrelatable.
– How to defeat boredom?
– What’s the correct ratio of visualization?
– Struggling with my cat’s illness.
– How to forgive repeated hurtful behaviors?
– How to share the light?
– Raising my awareness more consistently?
– What defines a successful life?
– Fundamental truths of Law of Attraction?
– My faith waivers around financial abundance.
– Athlete wants to regain confidence.
– How to handle jealousy?
– Tips for passing an exam?
– I’m mostly soothing, but want to soar.
– Want to fine tune my understanding of my realities.
– Advice for an energetically sensitive person?
– Why do some of my desires not manifest?
– The issue of deservability?
– Fear of recession.
– Lost savings to a scam.