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10/24/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— Trying to make things happen that I know are in my vortex.
— When I gave up, I was able to focus.
— Why does my body want so much water?
— Requesting help with overcoming a stutter.
— I always give in to others to keep peace.
— Does speaking my problem out loud keep me aligned with the problem?
— It’s not about the stuff.
— How can I break free from distorted beliefs about male dominance?
— I want to give up rebellion and resistance.
— Why am I being stubborn to my own desires?
— Back pain – How to regain my natural state of well-being?
— Accelerated spirituality and physical sensitivity.Z
— Anxiety about reconnecting with old friends.
— Can’t connect with people beyond superficial friendships.
— Dad made his transition, I knew it was coming so why am I so sad?
— My family disowned me.
— How to not worry about violence?
— Vibrational mutuality.
— Won’t we always have bodily discomfort/pain?
— My feelings are hurt by highly critical soulmate.
— My parents have disapproved of me since birth.
— Compassion vs. empathy vs. sympathy.
— How can I find my new house while living in a house I don’t like?
— Want to identify the emotion in my heart/chest.
— Pushing against vs. pushing for the solution.
— Is there anything predestined?
— I’ve been sleeping in, what’s my body telling me?
— Help me with the fear of the unknown.
— I’m tired of being an angry human being.
— How can we demonstrate to other people that we attract everything that comes to us?