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12/18/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– I’m looking for a better-feeling relationship.
– Do I need to apologize for the years I was angry and hurt and not pleasant to be around?
– How do I maintain my relationship with my Inner Being while in current face-to-face relationships?
– Abraham explains “empowerment” within the Emotional Guidance Scale.
– Voluntary vs. involuntary actions.
– Abraham’s advice for having more fun in life.
– Can contrast ever not exist?
– Which meditation method is most beneficial?
– The vibrational difference between Creation Box and Inactive Pile?
– How to perceive eye twitches?
– Want more supportive/harmonious relationships.
– I made a successful career change, but now I feel stuck.
– Can I offer a pure, clear desire for clearing clutter?
– Best tool for alignment in corporate work day?
– Meditation and shifting into ease.
– Does negative energy make it harder to hear the higher vibrations?
– Is everything perception?
– Clearing out past traumas?
– I feel greedy or selfish instead of worthy.
– I have clairvoyant dreams.
– How to receive difficult but also constructive feedback from boss.
– Is consistently feeling good all I need to do?
– Health and healing our physical bodies.
– Is my Inner Being more objective?
– How can we reconnect and build bridges between people?
– I’ve been called magical, but can’t seem to accomplish my goal.
– Stop striving and letting abundance flow?