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8/29/2020 Abraham NOW

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 Topics include:

— Split energy/Soothe yourself into a solution.
— Trying to take the bounce after job rejection.
— I don’t have the confidence to take the leap.
— What is the difference between geographical distance vs. vibrational distance?
— Can we have two opposing emotions simultaneously?
— Is my response to enjoy this moment justified?
— How to instill abundance consciousness in my child without spoiling?
— Is my vibration where I last left it?
— Who was watching over me to help me avoid car accident?
— End times or beginning times?
— Getting back to my Vortex feeling again.
— Best way to look at student attrition?
— Suggestions on how to enter my Vortex?
— Custody and how to not focus on the lack of son?
— Should we keep our journey a secret?
— Husband and wife with conflicting views on getting a dog.
— How to give myself permission to not like something?
— Please help me be well.
— Every day is your birthday.