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1/30/2024 Abraham NOW

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Topic Include:

– How to enjoy the feeling of anticipation and not be so focused on the outcome?
– Curious about food and the cells of my body.
– The feeling of anticipation for tiny things.
– How do I balance when we want two different things?
– Trying to feel better for no reason.
– Touchstones in our lives?
– Is blocking someone from my contacts pushing against or protecting myself?
– Dominant vs. Active point of attraction.
– My life is magic, but I still get flustered.
– I’m between boredom and contentment.
– Selfishness and my big dreams.
– How am I to accept things as they are when they are not what I want?
– Are our diversities opportunities?
– What does Abraham have to add to my anticipation game?
– Abraham, I lost my trust in the teachings.
– After contrast, I found hope on the Emotional Scale.
– When someone hurts my feelings, I withdraw.
– Is there such a thing as “nothing”?
– Didn’t get chosen at workshop – getting validation on our own?
– Self-interest for me is survival mode.
– Old memories negatively impacted me.
– Are we still in contact with our beloved deceased pets?
– Rampage of “I am” statements from Abraham.