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11/20/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Clearing clutter for clarity.
– Destined to be alone because of my beliefs?
– Is it my destiny to struggle with this belief for the rest of my life?
– Soothing words for someone with a bad relationship with boss.
– How to allow shifting to true worthiness and disable old beliefs?
– The difference between joy and happiness?
– How to effectively welcome love into my life?
– People latch on to my energy instead of finding their own.
– My husband is grumpy all the time.
– Tips for when my child is frustrated.
– Can we only push against ourselves?
– Is it ok to want to be so good no one can ignore you?
– Would like to feel peace around the topic of my obligation to parents.
– My desire is to uplift!
– I want to connect with artists from the past and present.
– Perfect timing and divine cooperation.
– My dreams are starting to manifest, yet I feel uninspired and sad.
– Natural disasters – a sign of end times?
– Can we clean up our vibration if we don’t know we have resistance?
– Does our Inner Being know better than we do?
– The feelings of thankfulness and appreciation.