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12/19/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— When I’m most happy, I bring out frustration in others.
— Don’t make it about them - let it be about you.
— Can we communicate with our deceased dog?
— How has never meeting my father affected me?
— Husband and I seem to live in different universes.
— How to get organized and stay focused with no external demands?
— I wish my husband would earn more.
— The power of alignment and establishing your own connection.
— How do synchronicities work?
— Is there something we can say/do when we see things we want?
— Tip for changing vibration when in the middle of something painful?
— Don’t make abrupt changes to your belief systems.
— Abraham discusses the benefits of the Wallet Process.
— Are all time periods the same?
— What does non-resistant wanting feel like?
— Can we believe we want something that on a deeper level we do not want?
— Is there such a thing as truth?
— Affirmations for alignment.