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7/24/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— What does my past mean for my future experience?
— Sometimes I feel blindsided by contrast.
— If the larger part of us feels joy, why do we feel the discord of the smaller part of us?
— Is it delusional to think everything is working out for me?
— Difference between getting off a subject and ignoring negative emotion?
— Similarities of the physical body and Inner Being?
— Is it possible to be fully aligned and unwanted things still happen?
— What were my intentions when I came into physical and what have I added to them?
— I only want legitimate opportunities to come my way.
— Bringing your Inner Being to a group meeting.
— Is having a deadline lackful?
— Want to understand my car accident.
— Want to be a catalyst for upliftment.
— Do certain illnesses show up at the same place on the Emotional Guidance Scale?
— Friendships ending and new intentions.
— How to navigate relationship with my materialistic biological family.
— My relationship is up and down.
— My Inner Being has an Inner Being?
— How can I be of help to my struggling adult son?
— When does a thought become a belief?
— When to walk away and when to stay?
— Difference between molding the clay and control?
— What is pain?
— My deceased grandfather has become a powerful presence - Are we co-creating?