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2/26/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Am I keeping my mind sharper by writing things down?
– I don’t resonate with friends who focus on ancestral healing.
– I feel like my purpose is to teach - how to get started?
– If I care about things, I can’t afford not to stop worrying.
– Feels like hard work to stay in alignment.
– Is it arrogant to brag about manifestations?
– What to do when my Creation Box feels cluttered over time?
– New appreciation for absence of wanted.
– Do our highs and lows on the Emotional Guidance Scale correlate to our manifestations?
– Signs from the Universe?
– What is attention?
– How do I stop putting “doormat” energy out there?
– I don’t want to see the troubles in the world.
– More about ego?
– I am determined to get what I want.
– Worried about transporting my animals on a long journey.
– Am I the conductor of my train?
– What more can I do to attract the right man for me?
– How to introduce meditation to children?
– I would like to have financial freedom. Am I mostly in alignment?
– Where are awe and wonder on the Emotional Scale?
– I’m very triggered emotionally by mandates.
– How can I believe in the Laws of the Universe?
– The downtimes are a necessary part?
– I want to feel alright when I’m not in the vibrational vicinity.
– Thinking about wanting a new car is depressing.
– What is defensiveness and how do I let go of it?
– Connection with non-physical loved one?
– The level of detail in Law of Attraction.
– Relationship brings up old feelings.
– Different friendships bring different feelings.
– How can I help and stay aligned?
– Why is there war?
– What happens if I look through eyes of Source?