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2/19/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Best method to be in alignment with Source?
– What is karma?
– How to change my feelings or relationship with my spouse?
– How to deactivate needing to be understood by others?
– Looking for a breakthrough to find a new husband.
– Softening desires vs. softening resistance?
– Are we the Leading Edge or are there others?
– I’m bored, but I feel guilty for wanting more excitement.
– Struggling with a decision about my sick my cat.
– Are there any downsides to hypnosis?
– Feeling vilified at work, but then realized I attracted it.
– How can I look at myself without feeling sad?
– Trouble with focus after the transition of my husband.
– Is the feeling of “wonder” a good thing?
– Broader perspective of plant medicine?
– The idea of “found” rather than “missing”?
– The idea of repetition on a goal?
– How to transform my reality of my health and body?
– Feeling safe in my expectations?
– Just earn money or focus on the heart for my business?
– Guidance on meditation and letting go.
– How to keep the spark going in a new relationship?
– Do we as individuals create the weather?
– I’m more aware now – How do I keep up the momentum?
– Home remodel pulls me out of alignment.
– Spiritual awakening or going crazy?
– Abraham explains why physical beings came here.