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12/6/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– I don’t believe I have creativity over my own experience.
– Investment yields big number activated earlier.
– Difference between unconscious and subconscious mind?
– Are there entities that could possess us?
– Neutrality and our thought choices?
– Want to expect things in a more relaxed way, like an online order.
– How is vibrational rhythm related to vibrational velocity?
– Waking in the middle of the night.
– Relaxed appreciation.
– Can we “awareness” other people?
– The velocity of non-resistance?
– Want to get over my fear of death.
– Connecting with our Inner Abraham?
– Are babies thinking? Are they more allowing or more resistant?
– Questions about Virtual Reality Game.
– What is the best I can do to support my body?
– Is it only through contrast that we have new desires?
– How to be less competitive?
– Can knowing be spread to others through frequency?
– Helping families who struggle when someone dies.
– What about action/inaction?
– Need help with lack of motivation.
– I feel seen by the Universe.
– By focusing on not getting what we want, we are throwing sand on what we do want?
– Am I picking up on the thoughts and feelings of my clients?
– Making peace with critters around me.