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2/8/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– I like therapy, but don’t want to focus on unwanted.
– Giving people the benefit of the doubt.
– How to stay in alignment when around people with dark energy?
– How long before guiding my thoughts becomes easier?
– Problem-solving is now simple.
– Other laws of the universe pushing us to the extreme?
– Spending more time on the variety of the upper half of the emotional scale.
– Is it necessary to do daily processes?
– Tips to manage a demanding job?
– My child is worried about her negative thoughts.
– I want to turn water into wine.
– Reaching for satisfaction instead of joy?
– I feel stuck in my thoughts about my career.
– Is my desired relationship in my Vortex?
– Can a long-time goal/manifestation surprise me?
– Meditation experience reminded me of my mother.
– Successful life, but now feel I’m going backwards.
– Long-distance relationship challenge.
– What do I have to do to make my project materialize?
– Advice to get into art program?
– Improving my health situation?
– My partner is very moody, but I want consistency.