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9/26/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— Emotional Guidance Scale from perspective of a child?
— Contentment, satisfaction and letting go.
— Are we hindering teens from happy lives with rules?
— What does “point of attraction” mean?
— Why do my negative thoughts seem to manifest quickly, but not my positive ones?
— I try to please others more than myself.
— With everything going right for me, why do I continue to allow fearful thoughts?
— How can I stay in my vortex around my negative friend?
— Is it possible to always be in a balanced state?
— Why do I feel powerless?
— Am I letting unfinished business affect my point of attraction?
— Using the Emotional Guidance Scale to let go.
— What is friendship?
— Start anticipating in the direction of what you do want.
— Meditation and the power of focus.
— Soothing words from Abraham.
— What happens when you are excited, but nervous?
— Is there value in feeling boredom or stagnant?
— I want to follow my passion, but fear I’ve wasted my education.
— The value of post-manifestation awareness.
— Do animal encounters mean anything?
— Do we receive messages from non-physical loved ones?
— How can we let go of everything negative?
— When I’m in a happy state, resistance follows.
— How to change my mindset about business uncertainty.