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9/11/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How do I know my dream life will last?
– How do we maintain our focus when we are no longer physical?
– Are my spirit guides old friends?
– Can we be influenced by our partner’s vibration?
– Deliberate calibration with Source.
– What is enlightenment?
– Mother wants me to move back home.
– Bedtime routine to wake up feeling good?
– How do we discern if contrast is a manifestation or an assertion?
– Since the pandemic, I feel stuck.
– Message from my non-physical mother?
– Feels like hard work to relax and let go.
– My old beliefs are out of style with my new vibration.
– What is the reason we are your students, Abraham?
– Looking for ease while parting ways with my husband.
– Don’t want to take on my friend’s physical symptoms.
– Insomnia is challenging me.
– I’m not sure I’ve ever quieted my mind completely.
– Retiring on a pension – how to attract abundance?
– Do not want to give up my senses.
– Want to manifest a loving partner, but scared after a toxic marriage.
– 13 year-old has anxiety and insecurities.
– I would like some funds to start coming into my reality.
– My pattern feels too old to modify.