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8/22/2020 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— Is all of this much simpler than we make it?
— What if the animals all know what they are doing?
— Am I blinded by the techniques?
— Now is where physical and non-physical meet.
— I attract needy people (but it makes me feel good).
— My job has gone from balance to unbalanced.
— If your gut tells you something is wrong?
— Is there any validity to Feng shui?
— Why would any group of consciousness create worlds where negative emotion exists?
— My son recently transitioned and now things in my house are fixed.
— Relationship with my non-physical grandmother and aunt.
— Will there ever be a time where we communicate mostly by thoughts?
— What is at the heart of stage fright?
— Step-by-step template on calibrating.
— Self-awareness and self-fulfillment practices are difficult for me to stick to.
— I’m working towards improving my self-worth.
— I want to live an extraordinary life.
— I work as a children’s behavioral counselor and no longer feel the need to control children.
— Teacher wants to know how to best connect with students?
— My daughter is not speaking with me.
— The world seems to be in chaos.
— Contrasting situation with my step-daughter and wife.
— Husband made his transition and we are still having a lovely time together.
— Are there conflicting message from our inner beings?