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1/30/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— How can I be easier about things?
— How do I open my mind to the reality beyond my physical senses?
— Does seeing energy/aura indicate alignment?
— Is the reason I feel a desire for something because I’m destined to it?
— Active vibration/expectations.
— Teenage daughter wants to take antidepressants.
— Contrast with the family I was born into.
— How can I be of help to my dog?
— Boss continues a pattern same as my father.
— My book of negative aspects was very full.
— Want guidance to best apply to marriage/parenting.
— 10 years being angry husband and terrified this will never change.
— Disappointed in my friends and myself.
— I have flashes of insight, concepts, ideas.
— Cause and effect conversation.
— Are most animals afraid of humans?
— Focus on loud neighbors or restful sleep?
— Trusting Source.
— High levels of anxiety about my relationship.
— How can I avoid getting disappointed?
— What can I do to keep trusting?
— Is basking or meditation a better way to start the day?
— How do you recognize energy?
— Could you explain what “milk it” means?
— Trying to overcome illness with gratitude.
— Abraham’s perspective on feeling important.
— Want to believe it’s as easy to create a castle/button, but it doesn’t seem true.
— I need more cooperative components.
— What should I give my student that adds value?
— The human definition of bondage.
— Difference between choosing a thought and receiving a thought?
— Is it true Non-Physical has no contrast so there can be no expansion?
— Struggling with hope and faith.
— Found the perfect house, but it didn’t work out.
— Manifested money while feeling worried, how can that be?
— Focus Wheel success story.