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3/27/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— I’ve been making mistakes.
— I am “almost” reaching goals.
— Can feel beauty in my future, but it’s just out of reach.
— Why and how do we create resistance?
— How to deactivate unwanted thoughts I’ve been thinking for a long time?
— Can someone’s good thoughts or bad impact another?
— Does changing the present also change the past?
— Does time expand to fit my manifestations?
— Having a hard time moving from boredom to contentment.
— I feel complacent.
— Looking for reassurance about my country.
— Overwhelmed by working, parenting, and taking care of myself.
— I’m concerned about climate change.
— Menopause, husband, and my mother-in-law.
— Would love to have a relationship BUT…
— One step forward, two steps back.
— Acting “as if” vs. feeling “as if.”
— Your vibration follows your gaze.
— Can we change beliefs?
— How do you know when to hold space for someone or move on?
— Find myself in emotionally abusive relationships.
— Can Abraham clarify some false premises?
— Where is Abraham on the Emotional Guidance Scale?
— Son is caught up in conspiratorial thoughts.
— Nasty divorce is dragging out.
— Will Esther be getting a vaccine?
— Choosing between three good choices.
— Does my baby have a message for us?
— I feel sad when forests go down and houses go up.
— College son has been suffering.
— I don’t need friends, but I do want a life partner.
— If I’m too self-sufficient can I still attract a lover?
— Want to reconnect with my ex.
— Neck pain, observation, and calibration.
— Incurable diseases?
— Source, fundamentals, and unworthiness.
— Dependence and obedience.
— Did my mother see me through the eyes of a baby?
— Contact with father in non-physical.
— Do we make pacts with other souls?
— How can I pursue a spiritual practice?
— Are beings becoming more connected despite the worldly challenges?