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8/6/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How does human knowledge evolve?
– Efforting my way has only led to frustration.
– Feel so happy and then boom - old resistance!
– How to soothe my self-image?
– Abraham speaks on responsibility.
– I have lost momentum on my project and have a fear of failure.
– Feel dependent on weekly broadcasts.
– I live a really good life, but want to let more in desires.
– God’s plan or my plan?
– I spend a lot of effort to prevent being wrong and it’s exhausting!
– How to connect with who my (departed) mother is now?
– What was the light I saw around me?
– Want to find a mate, but also enjoying my singleness.
– How do you know which opportunities to take?
– Feeling insecure when my boyfriend sees beauty in other women.
– Do we have to diminish or give things up as we age?
– Manifesting a new place to live, but I have a lot of resistance.
– Not feeling guilty feels forbidden.
– Are strong negative thoughts about myself useful at all?
– What exactly is my point of attraction?
– Our desire is a moving target?
– I manifested a shooting star. What does this mean?
– How can I stay more connected to my mom now that she is in the non-physical?
– Is daily solitude necessary to align better with my Source?
– Using the Emotional Scale to give up resistance.
– What about the ghosts in my life?
– Manifesting what I want but after a while it turns into unwanted.
– What is the best process to use to find a new doctor?