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ONLINE AUDIO Recordings from July 30, 2022 in Denver, CO

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Law of Attraction Workshop!

Denver, CO
July 30, 2022

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Topics Include:

Session 1

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 7-16-22
2. The Denver group welcomes Esther.
3. Abraham's warmup.
4. Stop renewing resistant patterns.
5. Disinterest in transitioned parents.
6. The big topic of women's rights.
7. A life-changing prayer?
8. She wants to be easier on herself.
9. Do animals come back as other species?
10. Animals are about Step 3.
11. Better work and money connection.

Session 2

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 7/30/22 
2. His youth mental health program.
3. Balancing spirit and human worlds.
4. Advice for her business.
5. Evolving relationship with his kids.
6. Abraham's view of psychedelics.
7. Momentum, trending and hard work.
8. Make feeling good a priority.
9. Fear of abandonment.
10. Why transgender?

Session 3

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 7/30/22
2. The need to explain.
3. A prayer of appreciation from Abraham.
4. A rampage of appreciation.
5. There's no urgency.
6. Look for fun and happy feelings.
7. Operating in multiple arenas?
8. Worry less about what others think.
9. Why is he pumping the brakes?
10. Denver workshop wrap-up.