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5/27/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— Is there a demonic side to non-physical energy?
— Should I let go of my passion?
— Understanding easy and simple matches.
— How can we help children to achieve manifestations and not disrupt the system?
— School didn’t give compassion or benefit of the doubt.
— How to guide my young children towards their alignment?
— Can we use the matching game anytime or only when feeling good?
— Focusing on the unwanted?
— “Thinking” our way out of it?
— Finally understanding the matching game.
— Want to be with someone who lives on another continent?.
— Feels like my friend is “taking” my energy?
— How to renew our faith in our own powers?
Emotional Guidance Scale Process.
— Management seems to be making my job harder.
— Connecting the dots.
— I woke up feeling wrapped in cocoon of love – was that Source?
— Nighttime affirmation?
— Delightfully burying our heads in the sand?
— Am I jeopardizing opportunities by getting out of the hustle mode?
— Can I always trust my emotions?
— Relationship with departed sister.
— Calibrating to all the segments?
— Change my employee or change my vibration?
— Picking a fight – What role do I play in someone mistreating me?
— How to stay in alignment about friend owing me money.
— Atmosphere and the universe.
— Abraham NOW vs. watching later?
— How to remain focused on what I want without efforting.