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11/6/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Allergy attack upon waking?
– Looking for synchronicity on the clock.
– How do I let go of other people’s opinions of me?
– Is my path of least resistance to cut ties with my brother?
– Can I “be or do or have” without seeing someone else accomplish it first?
– Can I express empathy and still stay in a high vibration?
– I feel the need to call out rude people.
– Looking for joy in shared custody.
– Can I have a fulfilling relationship with a narcissist?
– What to do differently to attract life partner?
– Law of Attraction and our connection to the world?
– Do all emotions originate from thoughts?
– How do you change unconscious beliefs?
– Job search success resulted in burnout.
– Too good to leave, too bad to stay.
– Having trouble believing in my desires.
– I’m fighting to feel content.
– When I get specific, I feel resistance.
– How can I use my power of influence to help my daughter?
– Clarity on how to worry less about what others think of us?
– Faith in the goodness of contrast?
– Didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to my father.
– Does source hang out on lower part of the Emotional Scale?
– Money mindset – what is going on with me?
– How do I get to a place where I feel like I no longer need to hide?
– Does nothing need to be fixed?