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6/11/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Knowing our goodness.
– The lies we tell ourselves.
– Blocking things with thoughts that I’m not worth it.
– Physical and emotional trauma is sabotaging my alignment.
– I keep finding obstacles right before I reach the light.
– Why did we create long Covid as a society and how can I deactivate it?
– When I’m working towards my alignment with Source Energy, what stage is that?
– Receiving guidance and ideas when we have no resistance.
– Don’t have financial resources to re-start my construction project.
– How to maintain my alignment AFTER a date?
– Post-menopausal woman wants to conceive naturally.
– How to be less-possessive?
– Avoiding being hurt, kept me from being happy.
– Does my vibration follow me everywhere I go?
– Running out of time – to meditate.
– Diminishing contrast?
– It’s difficult for me to meditate and I feel like a failure.
– Practicing same old patterns of thought?
– Feeling stuck and looking for inspiration.
– When I trust my authentic self, I don’t fit in to my old job.
– There is only one issue: How do I feel?
– Can we change scientific things?
– Disengaging instead of trying to fix?
– Thought I was feeling good, but physical manifestations are telling me something different.
– So the biggest challenge is to trust ourselves?
– Why does music make me cry sometimes?
– Small, consistent changes to help me?
– Positive expectation for my friend with an illness.
– My dream reminded me of my worthiness
– Abraham explains what’s behind perfectionism.
– Having a rift with my friends and I would like to clean it up.