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3/13/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— What is that last step to alignment?
— Does it take more effort to move from darkness to light if my childhood was difficult?
— Is mediation effective if I fall asleep?
— Is avoiding our negative feelings toxic?
— Why do I drink?
— Confirmation of my inner being knowing what I want.
— Childhood messaging makes me feel invisible and jealous.
— I often feel sensitive to the energy of others.
— Decades long marriage – ready to step into my brilliance.
— “Getting out ahead of it” to deal with my crankiness.
— I have a bright outlook, but my partner is stuck in doubt and fear.
— I keep picking emotionally unavailable men.
— Can my higher self inspire my sibling?
— I’m ready to utilize the power of my focus.
— I have ideas while connected to source, but my boss ignores them.
— I have a natural ability to connect with my students, but not with my boss.
— How to prepare myself for a court case?
— Rules, freedoms and Law of Attraction.
— Needing to get credit for things stands in the way of our happiness.
— Death, the physical body, and graves.
— Do we make agreements before birth?
— Source incongruent with free will?
— What’s the significance of rainbows?
— Vibration, momentum, and miracles.
— Are more people coming to the teachings of Abraham?